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Andreas Maxones

My name is Andreas Maxones and I am a street photographer. Whatever the long roads and street corners offer, I am in. I was born 1971 in the Austrian mountains and grew up wild and free, playing with my parents’ Instamatic camera and over the years starting with analogue photography. I discovered that taking pictures and framing life as is, was becoming a passion so I started my career in the field. I literally photographed everything crossing my path and moved within all genres all over Austria. During my time in Vienna, I ended up managing a specialist store, a photo lab and worked as an event photographer in the Wiener Hofburg. While being busy with all my endeavors, I discovered my passion for the street. After 15 years as a photographer, I lost my inspiration and the “why” in photography and decided to use the break away from it to further myself and my education. With my diploma in marketing and business administration in hand, I worked in the event-, architecture-, sports,- and music industry. Good times, long days and long nights and some of the best experiences I have ever had. One thing I always continued – wether on holiday or during my work – was the street photography and capturing people of all ages and ethnicities I am trying to understand the identity of the person while capturing each individuals’ uniqueness. My photography catches moments as is, short and at that time, full of emotion, sadness, happiness, anger, stress, serenity- whatever that particular person experiences.  Back in 1989 I traveled through Mexico and captured faces, emotions and daily life in Mexico City- today I am looking for exciting street projects in NYC, San Francisco, London, Lisbon, Barcelona, Capetown, Triest, Venice and Prague and am currently working on new ideas in some of the most impressive cities our world has to offer. My approach to these projects is a different one as I am walking through the streets, holding my camera at waist height, without using the viewfinder while capturing smiles, movement, faces, emotions- its the draw of luck what will end up on film and makes it so much more exciting and interesting as I end up with realistic photos that seem to be alive. Colorful or black and white, light and shadow, crooked, a golden cut, clear or blurred images- it does not matter. 

My unconventional „street look” can of course be used for more than one genre. Over time I have been booked for architecture,- design,- fashion,- artist,-  and documentary photography. Next to digital photography, I am also working with analogue medium format cameras. You are searching for a fresh, natural. emotional, independent and authentic look connected to your brand, magazine, product, yourself as an artist? I would love to hear from you and help you find the right fit!

My online magazine MAX.ONES ( will be published soon: 
With my new online magazine “MAX.ONES” I will take open up a world full of exciting insight- we all have interesting stories to tell and I will help you sharing them in a cool and hip format. As I have a huge appreciation for new and upcoming photographers, filmmakers and artists, I would love to hear your stories and see your work. Lets liven up this magazine together.