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My photography catches moments as is, short and at that time, full of emotion, sadness, happiness, anger, stress, serenity-whatever that particular person experiences.  Back in 1989 I traveled through Mexico and captured faces, emotions and daily life in Mexico City- today I am looking for exciting street projects in NYC, Honolulu, San Francisco, London, Lisbon, Barcelona, Capetown, Triest, Venice and Prague and am currently working on new ideas in some of the most impressive cities our world has to offer. My approach to these projects is a different one as I am walking through the streets, holding my camera at waist height, without using the viewfinder while capturing smiles, movement, faces, emotions- its the draw of luck what will end up on film and makes it so much more exciting and interesting as I end up with realistic photos that seem to be alive. Colorful or black and white, light and shadow, crooked, a golden cut, clear or blurred images- it does not matter. (Andreas Maxones)

„The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do“, Andy Warhol

New York City
Mexico (Analog 1889)